Woke early, still forgot the thing

I was so tired last night so I went to bed somewhere between 8 and 9 pm, and even though I kept waking up (9:30 pm, 11 pm, 12:30 am, 2 am), I got a lot of good sleep, and so when I woke again at 4:15 am (-ish), I got up.

Journals (#BuJo, Start Today, Jackman T, and general) were taken care of, games (Flow, Mah Jong, Solitaire) were accomplished, books were read, TikTok was watched (and was fairly entertaining), a video was recorded (and edited, but not rendered), show was taken, lunch was made…

Forgot the blog.

I need to set my reminder for that to happen earlier in the morning, because I’d like to keep getting up that early (and going to bed that early). It is really nice to have quiet time just for me, and as I mentioned yesterday, the commute, or interacting with people at the office, is a creative suck. And, as I mentioned in my video, I am able to be infinitely more creative before that. Hopefully it will spur the creative energy to last longer throughout the day, because I firmly believe that the more creative you are, the more creative you can be.

It’s just a thing.

So now I have blogged. Another short one (please forgive me). I may have more thoughts later that I can get ahead of tomorrow with. We’ll see.

I hope you have a great day! And if you don’t have a great day, I hope you have a good day. And if you don’t have a good day, I hope tomorrow is better. Loves!

Creative Suck

I really underestimated how much going back to the office would suck all the creative energy out of me. Honestly, it’s probably the commute, because working from home was not so exhausting. Although it could be just the other people, because that’s different than working from home as well.

I think if I can get myself into the habit of going to bed early and waking early, I stand a chance of being able to be creative in the morning. And by waking early, I mean before 5 am early. 8-4 would be eight hours, but usually I get by fine on seven, so bed at 8 and waking at 3 would be feasible.

I just need to convince myself it’s necessary, because I am very, very good at convincing myself that I should stay asleep instead of waking up. I should reread that Miracle Morning book. Something about that riled me up for quite a while to get up early.

This is going to be a short post. I hope you’re having a great day, and if you’re not having a great day, you’re having a good day, and if you’re not having a good day, that tomorrow is better. Loves!