Early AF

Well, then. I certainly woke up much earlier than usual today.

Working from home has been great, and I’m finally into the rhythm of it. I get as much done from home as I did from the office, if not more on many days. I haven’t felt any urgency to get back (and in fact have quite a bit of reticence, but that’s because of some stuff going on in my personal life, not only because of COVID-19 concerns).

But today, well.

I woke up early.

I haven’t had the best track record in the past month with waking up, to be honest. My “get thy ass out of bed” time has been slowly working closer and closer to 9 am – the time I need to move from the bed to the computer. Not my finest moment, especially because I always regret the time and productivity lost to sleep.

But today, I work from the office for the first time in over two months. I’ll pack up the computer from home, all the things I brought with me that I’ll need there, and take it all in, and then pack it back up again at the end of the day since I work from home the rest of the week.

I don’t know whether it was the fact that I knew I needed to go into the office, a side effect of just having to use the bathroom, or whether my body really had gotten enough sleep last night (I went to bed around 9 pm), but I woke up at 4:30.

4-f*ing-30 am

This is a thing I only do if I have to catch a flight.

Or drive halfway across the country.

Or….yeah, actually, those are the only two things I can think of that would require me to awake at such a ridiculous hour.

I got up and used the bathroom, then went back to bed, and was oddly not groggy. I didn’t slip immediately back into sleep. I just kind of lay there, eyes closed. Then open. Then closed.

And something slipped into the back of my mind, then the front of my mind, then wouldn’t get out of my mind. The thing where if you wake up and don’t immediately fall back to sleep after a certain hour, you might as well just get up and be productive.

So I sat up. Well, I played games on my phone. Then I sat up.


Watched some YouTube for an hour.

Drew out next month’s calendar page in my bullet journal.

Did my Start Today journal.

Chatted with a friend.


Ooh, I ate breakfast in there, too, somewhere between YouTube and the #bujo.

And hey! It’s barely 7 am at this point!

The “downside” to all this waking up early, is that my being awake and active has attracted both of my children into my space, so I didn’t really get the full effect of getting all this stuff done in my own, peaceful bubble, but hey! I got it done.

Next, shower. Packing up the computer. Hauling it to the office, cleaning up the stuff that’s not mine in my new space, setting up the things that have been at my house for the past two months, and getting a bunch of crap done there, too.

Ooh, I should pack a sandwich.

I hope you have a great day!

Yesterday was my 42-day streak

42 is a good number, because it matches my age, and so that was nice to see.

I was just about as productive yesterday as I intended, which was lovely. And I got a little bit of relaxation in at the end as well, which was also lovely.

One of the interesting side effects of watching quite so many “How To YouTube” videos as I’m watching right now is that all those videos with the “secrets no YouTuber will tell you” all have the same things in them, which I suppose should have been expected. Also, with the sheer quantity of videos that I’m consuming, I’m discovering the advice starting to repeat. It’s a good reminder that there’s really no original content/original stories. The original portion is me – or the creator in question – and that’s what makes it unique.

It’s a good realization to have. When a person starts to feel like they can’t do anything new or original, remember that you are the new and original. Your experiences can put a spin on things that no one else has.

Well, at any rate.

The rest of today may include a trip to the office to try to tidy up a little, as I will be working from the office one day this week, and will hopefully include more similarly productive activities as yesterday. I have few actual plans, honestly, aside from doing all the things that I get inspired to do when I’m usually at work.

That said, I should get a move on, since it’s after 9, and precious time is wasting!