Twilight Sparkles

Sometimes you just have to go and hate-watch the entire Twilight Saga. I like the series like I like the movie Black Dog: I recognize that they aren’t great all-around movies, but they’re at the same time hella entertaining.

I love that.

That’s enough.

Versus: Movie Edition

I watched both Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse and Wreck-it Ralph Breaks the Internet tonight. I’m sure everyone interested has already seen both, but I hadn’t. I grabbed them from Redbox while filling a Rx, and I’m happy to report…

Spiderverse kicked Wreck-it Ralph‘s ass.

I’m so happy that Spiderverse lived up to its hype. I’ve been hearing since it car out that it was awesome and how fantastic it was, etc, etc, etc. After so much fanfare a person can quickly get to the point where one avoids things exactly because they are so popular.

Elder Youth and I watched it together, and that might have increased my appreciation as well. EY loved it as much as I did. Maybe a tiny bit less. And I tell ya, movies are always more fun when you can share them with your kids. If you have kids. And if the film is age-appropriate for all involved. You know what I mean.

Wreck-it Ralph was “okay”. I was able to easily watch the film while playing a game, and it wasn’t ever interesting enough to pull me away. Eh and Junior Youth has seen it for a birthday, and Neither EY it my mom who had gone with them had been particularly blown away. That might have tainted my appreciation, but I doubt it.

I also found WIR‘s lessons kind of patronizing, while Spider came off genuine (and genuinely hilarious – I couldn’t stop laughing at that one part with Miles running away from his dad with Peter B. – that was side-splitting).

So maybe it wasn’t a fair comparison, but I’d wanted to see both about the same amount and I just finished them and felt like sharing.

Happy weekend, everybody!

A brief review of last week

I got my taxes done!

No, that’s not quite correct. I got most of my taxes done. I always forget the one last one that I have to do strictly online and with a separate company than the rest.

But I got the rest of my taxes done! I owe the State and am getting something back from the Feds. This is usual, and nothing is particularly out of the ordinary, except for how easy things were this year.

I love easy taxes.

I watched a couple new movies! First, “Crazy Rich Asians”. Loved it, I must read all the books, I have to know what happens. Finger’s crossed that my local library has (or can get) all the books. It’d be nicer if they could get the ebooks or audiobooks on Overdrive, but I’m not sure how to make that happen.

I also watched “Close”, a Netflix original. I don’t know why I thought I’d like it in the first place, but I think it had to do with the lead actress who has also been in “What Happened to Monday” (another Netflix original I’d recommend), “Prometheus”, and a few other films I’m sure you’ll know but I haven’t seen so I’m not recommending. Close was good, and I enjoyed it.

And I watched “The Unicorn Store”. I really enjoyed the silliness of this one, the absurdity, the Joan Cusak and Bradley Whitford and Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson of this one. I loved the characters and how they grew and how free Brie’s character was.

I know there are two more good movies coming out on Netflix at some point this weekend, but I don’t remember what they are, not even a little bit. I saw the previews and added them to my list so when they are available they’ll be there for me, but I can’t recall if there were two coming out on the 4th or the 10th.

I guess I’ll find out next weekend.

I’ll skip the events of Friday, Thursday, and Wednesday, because they sucked. Tuesday wasn’t bad, except…

I got an email at work from a vendor with an overdue invoice. This is a company I regularly order from for the office, except for that one time 10 years ago when I ordered for myself. So imagine my surprise when the invoice was addressed to me, personally.

I emailed back and asked them to change the Bill-to and invoice my coworker with the office address, as usual.

The company emailed back and said, sure, thanks, but in the future, can I please let them know when I’m placing an order on behalf of “them” (which I can only imagine means my company).

I emailed back and said that no, I have only placed one personal order in the past 10 years. I will let them know if I’m placing an order for my personal use, but they should assume I’m ordering from the company if I’m using my work email address to place the order.

I was irritated for most of the rest of the day. It was the snarky tone, as if I’d done something out of the ordinary to cause this mistake when in fact it was an accident by a new employee on their end. Later in the week when my coworker had to pick something up at that business, the representative I’d been emailing back and forth with said, “Nicki’s not mad, is she?”

My coworker lied to make the guy feel better and said no, she’s fine.

Nicki was, in fact, mad. Irritated, as previously mentioned. Riled up. Bristly.

And that was my week! It was busy. Computer issues and disappearing print drivers, and a large workload, and stress. This week may or may not be better. I’m kind of thinking it will be slightly better, but no lessening in workload or irritants related to the sheer amount of work that needs to be done right now.

Happy Monday!