What things are falling by the wayside


I’ve been half-assing my journaling since about the time I finished my last personal journal. It’s okay, of course, to not write 3-8 pages every day, of course, but there’s a lot of stuff going on and writing it down helps me process, and I haven’t been doing that. When I felt anxious this morning, I quickly went ahead and got at least one of them done (my Start Today journal), and felt better having done at least my gratitudes.


While I’ve been writing out scripts for videos, I haven’t been filming them. I’ve harped on this for practically ever day this week. I’ll stop now.

Keeping up with schoolwork

I don’t have schoolwork, but my kids have schoolwork, and just when I think they’re getting everything done without my helicopter ways, it turns out, not so much. Thankfully, the last day of new teaching in our school district is today, and the last day for makeup work is next Friday, so my work there is almost done.

Grocery Shopping

I am not saying I haven’t been getting groceries, just that I used to have a schedule, man, and the stay-at-home order has messed with that. I shouldn’t complain, because I can still buy groceries, and I am grateful for that. Well, anyway.


I haven’t been reading. I’m sad about this. After watching Starship Troopers last night, I declared I wanted to read the book. We have the book, and Elder Youth has read the book, so I feel like it’s time for me to read the book. But then this morning instead of waking early and doing that kind of thing, I slept, because…I slept because I was so focused on doing a thing a particular way, I forgot about all the other things that I could have been doing.

Aaaand that’s probably enough self-flagellation for now. There’s a bird who is trying to eat me alive, and it tickles.

Writing Early

I (reluctantly) woke at 6 this morning for no particular reason except that I had to use the bathroom, my alarm had gone off, the kitties had the zoomies, and there was a solitaire game that had beaten me yesterday, and trying to win it today was successful in waking me up.

And so since I’m awake, I had a video I filmed yesterday that I edited last night and uploaded overnight (I really need to find a better way to upload my videos that doesn’t involve leaving my laptop plugged in and my battery settings on “never turn off”) that I needed to turn into a Patreon post for my two Patreons (hi, guys!). That one will be live for everyone tomorrow around 7:30 am, provided I wake up that early. Odds are fair on that.

The rest of the day is relatively up in the air. It’s Monday so I have my Day Job to do, but I don’t have many other plans. I did hope to film this morning, but it’s not looking good. I have a body in my recording space that isn’t mine, and I think recording outside, while it generally does a good job of keeping housemates from walking through the shot, is not so good for keeping neighbors and their children from getting accidentally recorded. (I delete all that, of course.)

That’s okay, though. I can use this time for more brainstorming, possibly scripting another video, definitely eating breakfast. Breakfast, actually, feels like it’s about two hours overdue at this point, since it’s moving towards 8 am. Bummer.

I watched a video this morning showing a pretty awesome thing you can do in Canva, one of my favorite marketing fallback programs since it’s online, drag-and-drop, and free. It was really a neat tip, but the video failed to mention that you have to have the paid version of Canva to make it work, and that was frustrating as hell. $120 a year is actually kind of reasonable if you are using Canva religiously, want to take advantage of the business features it has (adding more than three brand colors, adding brand fonts, and making things easier in that manner), but less so if you’re like me and already have access to programs like Photoshop.

Or, you know, if you’re in the middle of a pandemic and concerned at all about your job, have lost your job, or just are facing a wake-up call about the state of your finances.

I haven’t even worked through my journals yet, so breakfast and journals is now a top priority. Definitely.

I hope you’re going to have a great day!

And if you don’t have a great day, I hope you have an okay day.

And if you don’t have an okay day, I hope tomorrow gets better.