Sweet Nectar of Life

I had just been thinking about my policy of keeping lids on open drinks on my desk, especially bottles. I spilled one once, a little, and I never wanted to repeat the incident.

I tend to drink very sugary drinks (Mtn Dew), and spilling those creates sticky traps unless one is very prompt and very thorough about cleaning it up.

And today…all over the office phone, the desk, some over my notebook, under the USB tower, on some silverware, a bit on my keyboard. Blech.

I spilled.

So I am choosing to look at this as a sign. I wanted to give up soda anyway, so this will be my reason. I will never spill it again, because I will never have it on my desk again.

At least until I forget and decide I can “just have one, no big deal.”

Until then, dear friends.

…guess who just found that they can change the text and background of a block? 💖

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