I lost a cat.

I have four cats, 1,800 sf, and my house is not Pinterest perfect. So occasionally we “lose” cats. Generally it’s just that we haven’t seen one in a while, but occasionally it’s because they’re actually locked in a closet they shouldn’t have snuck into.

Tonight it was the former. I hadn’t seen the shy one for a few hours, which is unusual. We checked all the usual hiding spots (of which we have plenty, including nooks, crannies, designed hiding spots, and accidental ones), and then figured, meh. He’ll show up.

But then I hadn’t seen him after an hour while the other three were all in the living room. I went and did another, somewhat more thorough search of the house, and again came up with nothing.

Dang it. Was he stuck somewhere? Did he get out? (It’s important to note that none of our cats have ever snuck outside, despite being outdoor cats with plenty of practice hunting with mama when they came to our house.)

Finally I remembered.

Our cats like to watch TV. Cat TV, to be precise. The kind with birds and squirrels and nature sounds.

I turned on the TV. 15 seconds into the video, the lost cat appeared as if out of nowhere to join his siblings standing in front of the television, their necks cranked, fascinated.

I found the cat.

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