A string of unusual events

I went to Costco with someone who had a membership to purchase hamburgers and hot dogs.

While there, I found some mac and cheese in microwaveable containers. My youngest really loves mac and cheese, so I thought I’d get a new kind to try, despite the high price tag.

My youngest didn’t love this mac and cheese variety, though. That was fine, because I like that brand, so I figured I’d finish it.

My partner needed emergency care over the weekend, and as a result needed something soft to eat since it hurt to swallow. “Just a couple bites of something,” he requested.

I had microwaveable mac and cheese that my youngest didn’t like, so I made it for him.

It was perfect, and made taking his pills much easier.

Had I not gone to Costco and bought overpriced mac and cheese, I wouldn’t have easy food in the house for my partner, and these particular couple of days would have been much, much harder to handle.

Thank you for your attention.

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