I forgot the name of my blog (and Dune)

Which is kind of funny considering that the domain name is, currently, “Nicki Gets Distracted.”

This is not a post about that, though.

Ages ago I watched Dune. Somehow I think it was the TV miniseries from 2000, because I have absolutely no recollection of anything after seeing stills from the 1984 film.

Also – now I feel old as I say “ages ago” to something that happened when I was in my early 20’s. Ugh.

Anyway, I liked it. Whatever version of Dune it was, I liked it. And now that there’s a new version coming out, I’m excited and interested. And because Social Media, there’s a lot of reviews and “here’s why I liked it” posts. So now, of course, I want to read the book first.

I turned to the audiobook instead of buying a paperback or ebook for a couple of reasons. One, I haven’t made reading a priority lately, and an audiobook guarantees that I’ll be able to get about an hour most weekdays listened to. I have a half hour commute, and audiobooks really help, especially as it gets darker earlier. I also tend to get sleepy behind the wheel when I need the heat on and I’ve been at work all day, and audiobooks also help with that.

Also, if I purchased the paperback I would have been very, very tempted to buy all the paperbacks, because (as I did not know before) it seems that Dune has multiple books to churn through to get the entire story. And after buying all the paperbacks, I likely wouldn’t have read any of them. Damn it.

Finally, I have a hard time getting caught up in books of a certain age in a particular genre. I don’t know how I managed it with The Eye of the World, the first Wheel of Time book. I definitely couldn’t swing it with any of The Lord of the Rings books. Listening to the opening of Dune just confirmed that I made the right choice, at least to get started. I have a feeling that if I get really invested in this, I may be able to complete the other books in the series with little issue.

Maybe there should have been more to this post. I think I’m done, though.

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