The wall falls down.

Looks like the ‘book is down today. I want gossip – was it a hacker? Did someone take it down on purpose? I am interested in learning more.

Recently I got into a headspace where I wanted to restrict some of my accounts. I’ve done this before. Sometimes that has been about depression, or about pushing people away, but this time it was about the amount of information I put out into the Internet, and really being conscious about it.

*delete* went the YouTube. Both of them, actually.

*private* went the Twitter. Just the main one. The author ones I let alone.

My Facebook profile has been locked down for a while now. My attitude regarding that service has probably been shared before. In fact, I’m sure I’ve had this conversation here more than once.

Usually the blog would go, too. I’m not really sure what happened here. I decided to leave it alone. I removed the posts with videos in them, and that was it.

And now, look: the place where people go to get updates about other people has disappeared. Well, it’s down. For how long is uncertain. Maybe it will be back up before I finish this post. Unknown.

So yeah! I have my own blog. My friends have their own blogs. I still use Feedly as a RSS reader to keep track of my favorite sites. I don’t need Facebook, and I don’t like it, and I’m glad I didn’t destroy the blog along with the rest of the things I was removing.

I keep talking about this. Why do I keep talking about this?

At any rate. Hello! I am indeed alive, and the blog is still in one piece.

For now.

Bwa. Ha. Hah.

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