I had a conversation today that just left me feeling better. That’s an invaluable thing.

Also, I think I about ready to permanently kill the social media I’m not using, or that is currently bringing me stress.

The person I was having a conversation with said how they find stress in hearing how other people’s lives are going because their inclination is to compare that life with their own, and then find fault in what had previously brought them joy.

I get that, and in a similar way I am finding stress in listening to people who are sharing every thought they have every moment that they have them. (Sorry, that’s a line from a movie. Can you guess which one, though?)

It’s not so much that I mind people sharing their thoughts, but what is bringing me stress is conversations fueled by hate. I’m exhausted by watching the news as filtered through people’s political beliefs. This doesn’t mean I want them to necessarily have my opinions or beliefs, simply that I’m so exhausted with my own shit, I’m having a lot of trouble avoiding having feelings and emotions about other people’s feelings and emotions.

The easy way to fix that is to just turn off the flow of information from others that I am finding suffocating. No more Facebook, Twitter, and most Instagram. A lot of YouTube can go as well. When I’m ready to have conversations with people and able to manage the energy that comes with that, I can turn those channels back on.

I realize right now that this sounds a lot like I’m isolating again. Like I’m threatening to delete —

I started this post in August, and the fact that it’s in my drafts is bothering me. There’s not much more to say. I have in fact shut off the flow of much of my social media, and I keep talking about it, and I’m pretty sure if there was anyone sitting and reading all my posts, they’d be getting fucking annoyed by now.


When Harry Met Sally

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