Putting on the brakes

I am not a stranger to brake issues on my car. I have ground down more rotors than I remember. My last vehicle was actually manufactured with brakes that were the wrong size for the weight of the car/mini-SUV which caused warping, brakes freezing up, and more warping.

But today is the first time I’ve experienced “soft brakes”.

Actually, technically, it’s not the first day. I think this has happened to this car before, but the problem disappeared with the service I had shortly after that. Today is the first day though that I experienced it, looked it up online, took the car out again and verified that there is absolutely an issue, and drove it promptly to the dealership (the closest, thus safest, car maintenance option at the time).

So I’m now without a vehicle at a place that no longer has a courtesy shuttle. A coworker will pick me up to get back to the office, and hopefully my spouse will be able to pick me up and bring me into the office in the morning if that’s necessary. Such a hassle, but, y’know, I guess brakes are important?

Happy Thursday. Wish me luck!

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