Moving day

Since it’s all up and functional now, I might as well mention why I moved the blog. I didn’t rename it – that happened a few weeks ago. No, I moved it from a self-hosted WordPress blog on GoDaddy to

Reason #1:

I could deal with managing the updates on my own. I could handle the fact that I didn’t have a security certificate (https prefix). What became the tipping point were the constant notifications from Jetpack.

“Your blog is offline.”

“Your blog is back online!”

“Your blog is offline.”

“Your blog is back online!”

At one point I had like 30-some notifications like that.

I loathe notifications.

Reason #2:

That stupid security certificate. I see the value in having it. I did not see the value in purchasing one from GoDaddy for something like $95 a year for a tiny little blog that has at best two regular readers.

Reason #3:

The cost of hosting is ridiculous.

Again, I’m a tiny little blog and paying $120 a year for hosting is ridiculous. Maybe if I had a bevy of dedicated fans. Maybe if I was making money off of my site somehow. Maybe then that could would be justified.

But I’m not.

Reason #4:


All the things previous reasons why I moved? They’re covered over here at for a significantly less ridiculous price. I get to keep my domain pointed at the blog, I get the https, I get the Jetpack notifications to stop (and my site to actually be online), and I get to pay about $50 a year for the privilege (and the first year came at half off).

I mean…even as a tiny blog, it’s worth it.

Other Things

I know some people hate WordPress. I don’t. I love it. (I actually have usability issues with the other guy.)

The app works 1,000% better now.

I get reminders to blog. (That may be an updated app thing, though.)

It’s just easier. And I need easy. And apparently I need the blog, because even though I felt like wiping my digital existence recently, I didn’t.

So that’s a thing.

Happy reading!

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