When someone asks you if you have candy on Asgard and you reply, “Yeah, fruits and nuts;” that’s a thing that sticks around.

me, as I eat one of 13 boxes of raisins I currently have on my desk


  1. This is from a thing I haven’t seen, isn’t it?

    Because I was all good with the MCU movies. Then they did stuff on the stream I won’t buy because it pisses me off. (You were already part of Netflix. The ONLY reason you MOUSED over to your own damn thing is greed, because you wanted people to spend more money. During a pandemic with a quarantine where a lot of people had to scrimp to get by. But no, go make your own, because people were looking to spend more money just for you. And then that avalanched to others also doing it. Destroying the dream that was using streaming to SAVE MONEY. 🙄😒🤬 Thanks, mouse house.)

    Okay. Got that vent out of the way.

    Some people do say fruit is nature’s candy. And there’s a candy made with fruit and nuts.
    Though I swear there’s another that’s like a log- square 1″ w/h and about 4″ long. Held together mostly by fig and honey. Super sticky and omg so chewy. Ridiculously filling. Maybe it doesn’t exist anymore???

    So about my other rant. After 15 years, I finally subscribed to Hulu. My username and email no longer worked from back when Hulu was FREE. Honestly, I’m still a little bitter that I’m paying for what was free. But NBC has Peacock now, so they’re probably not supporting Hulu anymore (which was where you could watch the whole NBC lineup for a week or more, for free online, once upon a time) (but also, that’s when someone was on a show that I enjoyed and now take issue with my enjoyment, though Brett Michaels is awesome, and so is the late great Joan Rivers, and even that country singer who I don’t remember his name, and Cindy Lauper… there were some fun moments and upside and for my own sanity, I chose to believe that some of those charities received at least some of the promised money– even if it’s not true, I gotta be able to sleep at night).

    This comment has gone to a weird place. And, again, is longer than the post.
    I’m sorry.
    Kitten shouldn’t be allowed to do people things when waking up to 🚽 during 🛏 sleep time. 😿


    1. Nicki says:

      💖 Loves.


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