More Movies That I Don’t Quite Review

I watched more movies. I’m kind of anti-television at the moment. It feels like too much of a commitment to pick a series and watch eight episodes of something that I’m not sure I’m going to love. Is that weird? I’ve been watching series with one of my kids – WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and we’ll watch Loki when it comes out. But otherwise? I don’t have the energy.

So what did I watch?

Monday I watched Skylines. It was one I’d started and got just a few minutes into and thought it felt familiar. I left it so I could figure out why it was striking such a chord, and forgot about it.

Turns out its the third in a series which is not as easy as it should be to discover. The first two films were Skyline, and then Beyond Skyline, and I’ve seen one of them before, but I’m not entirely sure which one. That’s why it seemed so familiar.

So it’s science fiction with aliens, and they fill in enough blanks to make it watchable without the first two, I think. The aliens remind me a lot of the ones from District 9, actually. There was quite a bit of flying, betrayal, new loyalties, and teamwork. All in all, not a bad show, and it made me want to see the second film in the series and see if it was familiar, or if it’s the one I saw before.

I started another film after that as I was writing blog posts and trying to work on new affirmations. Outside the Wire has Anthony Mackie and my favorite secondary character, the guy who’s always playing a slightly weaselly sidekick, Michael Kelly.

At any rate, it’s a war movie with some science fiction thrown in, where Anthony Mackie is playing a robot, kind of, and he’s working with a disgraced and reassigned drone pilot. There’s a lot of the “learn a hard lesson by being in the thick of it when before you were just on the peripheral” kind of thing. A lot of “we’re here to to a different thing than you thought we were going to do”. And there’s a twist (of course) that I’m pleased to say I didn’t see coming, which means that the actors and the director did a good job. Very good, and a solid three thumbs up.

Moxie was up next, and was by far my favorite movie of the day. It’s another high school aged girl, an introvert, who meets a new student who calls out the bullshit when she sees it. The introvert ends up making a zine to bring attention to the bullshit that now she’s even noticing, and it evolves from there. It’s a little bit high school romance, a lot of awesome feminism in action. I identified a LOT with the main character, and it was fun to watch her rollercoaster her way through the film: quiet, introverted, a little bit badass, a lot badass, a heap of reckless, some jealousy and rage pointed in the wrong direction, a little more reckless, but ultimately awesome. Amy Poehler directed and played the mom, and it was just…great. It was great.

So somewhat related to Moxie, why do I identify so hard with these awkward teens? I felt the same way with Dumplin’. I need more teen women movies, so if anyone has any recommendations along the lines of Moxie, Dumplin’, or Yes, God, Yes, I’d really appreciate it.


  1. The one with Lisa Kudro (Phoebe) and the girl from Parenthood. Umm…
    The Duff

    It was much better than expected.
    (And holy crap that girl has done a lot of stuff since Parenthood and this movie!)
    Also, if you do go back to tv, Parenthood blew my mind. Mostly because how extremely opposite, by the end of ep 1, it was to my family. When they all showed up at the baseball game. 😳 Honestly, that, to me, felt like dying and getting to the afterlife and hearing “oh sorry, you picked the wrong religion! Buddhist won. Bye.” That’s the only way I can describe it. The rest of the series was not quite as 🀯. The characters got more like characters. And the one girl is also in the movie The Perfect Score (or Stealing the SATs, because the movies have the same plot so I mix up titles, but the one with Scarlett Johansson).

    Also, the new season of Kim’s Convenience just dropped on Netflix. I just got to the episode with the πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ twist!! Omg.
    Oh, and Lucifer! There’s a musical episode.

    Okay… movies…
    This breaks your rule, but the Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife comes out this month. You saw the first one! In theaters! With me!! On my BIRTHDAY!!! πŸ˜»πŸŽ‚πŸΏπŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽžπŸ“½
    If you can remember a time when the world had fun Tuesdays.

    Oohhh, we should remind Katiefriend that AMC had the fun discount on Tuesdays. In case that’s a factor in possible future gatherings. Not that I feel movie theaters are safe places yet. Nooo… not yet. Not even close. But hey, making “shelves” for food and purses is gonna get way more normal for people who social distance!

    I broke my sleep. John got out of work 3 hours early. He used personal time to go home because he was 😑 pissed. They’re doing some kind of audit thing or something and were supposed to train these guys from another company, in one night, how to do the job so they could decide what to make people do instead. Because for some reason, after hiring a pile of new people who don’t have forklift training (OSHA Violation), and then not teaching them, productivity dropped! πŸ€” A real head scratcher. Plus, the steel beams keep getting hit. 🀨 Yeah, can’t imagine how unlicensed people could crash. But sure, hire some company to send guys to follow the highest productivity workers and mess them up. John was trying to do a truck, the guy kept getting in the way. Like … do you get that being hit with a forklift will kill you? It’s not a car. It’s a lot heavier, especially in the back. That is how the counterweight works. Don’t try to get run over! I had a similar experience at DSC with a driver.
    Why am I typing this?
    My brain is broken.

    Did you watch the new-ish animated movie on Netflix with the Chinese story and the girl goes to the moon with her new to-be step brother? Because that was good. Twitter had a cute hashtag with it. So it was new back when I had Twitter. πŸ˜”

    F9 is coming out. So there’s 8 movies about fast cars. Plus Hobbs and Shaw.

    Oh, Michelle Rodriguez and Sigourney Weaver were in that super messed up but kinda cool but maybe offensive or not movie where a criminal guy is turned into a woman without his consent to go be a better criminal. I don’t remember the movie name. It’s from a few years ago. And I’ll watch anything with Michelle Rodriguez. Including that zombie dog movie thing she was in. Oh you like zombies. Well, it was some very cheesy B flick from early in her career. So IMDB that.

    Unbreakable is in Hulu, I think. Or Netflix? Amazon?Glass and Split aren’t though. But you can see the first one. It didn’t do well because everyone heard M Knight and expected horror, and then it was a dark superhero movie. So people were like, “shit, I’d rather watch Bruce Willis and Samuel Jackson in Die Hard 3!”

    John Tucker Must Die. I think the movie was okay. The sound track is awesome. I say that with my 90s alternative and grunge you’re listening to Lithium on Sirius XM…
    Sorry, my brain went to commercial.

    Love Simon was good. That’s got the kid from Melissa and Joey. He has done several cool movies. Also, M&J are in Hulu. They were actually friends in the 90s. The one episode where there’s a baby (babysitting), that’s Melissa’s actual baby. And one of Joey’s actual brothers plays his brother in the one episode. And omg so many people from Blossom show up, including Vinnie. And both those 90 shows are also in Hulu, in case you missed them when we were teens. Somewhere in this house I have Joey Lawrence’s cassette tape.
    We’re old. 🀣

    Teen movies… teen movies…
    Not Another Teen Movie?
    That’s a comedy. You’ve heard me quote the Cheercisions line. I think that’s free on Amazon.

    Cruel Summer on Hulu is turning out to be a fun mystery. Dark fun. It shows 3 years, and how the characters are dramatically different over each year because of the kidnapping.
    And Kevin Smith’s daughter makes a joke about Clerks. Twice! Ha ha, Harley Quinn, nice job.
    Have you seen Clerks?
    There’s also a Clerks animation series that was funny but messed up but funny.
    Join the fandom. Maybe one day we’ll all road trip to Jersey to his comic book shop. I’m not huge into comic books, but I bet that place is cool. We can take Kat, Mrs. 🧠. She likes comic books, I think.

    Umm k, I rambled in a comment probably longer than the post so I’m gonna go now.

    It’s FOOD TRUCK day at the South Mall! I’m gonna get LOBSTER ROLLS!!! 🀀❀ How am I expected to sleep knowing lobster rolls and poutine and Kona Ice are in my future? Make time go faster! Meow.


    1. Nicki says:

      Thank you for all the suggestions!


  2. I loved Dumplin’! It definitely struck a chord for me.


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