Story Titles

I come up with some absolutely spectacular book titles.

But I don’t use them.

And that’s unfair to the titles, because they’re good.

So a Pinterest post I found last night kind of got me thinking.

And it got me thinking in a good way, because I write titles of books that I don’t use because I don’t know how to write a book about the title.

So why not just use the title anyway? Stick it on a book that’s only marginally related (or not related at all), and have a really spectacular subtitle that gives a little context.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just another sad attempt to try to write. But whatever.

Also, this post is generally a test to remember how to switch the twitter account that gets notified when I post new things. Essentially, I’m going to keep @nivixious as my primary twitter where I say things and retweet things, and @growingupwalls is just going to be the account where you can get notifications of new things – blog posts, YouTube videos, etc. I’m going to stop crossposting YT videos here, so if you want to get alerts, follow @growingupwalls, pls. KTHXBAI!

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