Potatoes Potatoes

My eldest has started typing “potatoes potatoes,” and in his head he’s saying, “po-tay-toes, po-tah-toes,” but he likes that it just reads “potatoes potatoes,” and I admit, he’s got something there.

So as a declaration of eh, some people like it one way, some people like it another, but it’s essentially the same thing, I offer you this.

You’re welcome.


Our very dark cat has one name (Shadow Fluffybutt), but we should have named him Toothless, and occasionally, lately, we call him Shoe. He likes to hang out in the shadows (natch), and my husband has a pair of dark shoes that, when walking through a dark room in the dark where all you can see are dark shapes, could reasonably be mistaken for a large, long-haired cat. Recently, walking through said dark room, I looked at the dark shape on the floor and said, “Are you a shoe?” The potential shoe meowed, and so the shape was not a shoe, but a cat. Still, he’s earned a new nickname.

And an “S” nickname to boot.


I’m back to writing at 750words.com every day. It’s no longer free – that ended in 2013, I think? But for $5 a month, I find it worth it. It gives me everything I need. A streak tracker, badges to achieve, and an external reward system that I don’t control except in terms of the time I put into achieving the rewards (the badges).


That’s all I have for today. You don’t want to hear how angry Facebook makes me, or how I’m even becoming frustrated with Twitter. You don’t want to know how I’m following more people on Instagram, which I dislike simply because Facebook owns it, or that I’m actually enjoying TikTok, to a degree.

So I’ll leave that part out.



  1. Kitty!!!
    Yay for words.
    I have some strong anti-feelings about tic-tok based on what I read, but if it makes you happy then be happy. Twitter’s algorithm seems to be based on what you ❤ or comment on. If you don't give it that feedback, it seems to show you what your most active follows like or comment on. This works out well for me, because my feed is mostly stuff that you, Andrew-Canada, J, and my Twitter friend Joesph do and interact with. So it's a lot of writer stuff. Sometimes our Sunshine gets mixed in there too.


    1. Nicki says:

      I haven’t read anything on tik-tok that would give me any kind of opinion, so I charge forward.

      My twit is filled with people I’ve followed who, when the world isn’t a dumpster fire, are interesting, quirky people. But the world *is* a dumpster fire, and so it’s all political and exhausting. So I realize it’s all my fault, but it’s still exhausting.


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