The nature of my block

When I sit in the evening and the kids have gone to bed and I have time to write, I find myself tired. Just go to bed, I think. A good nights rest will help the words come easier tomorrow.

So I’ll to go bed tonight, early, and tomorrow find that the TV is distracting, or it’s hot, or there are chores to be done, or a kid will need my attention and energy.

I won’t “have time” to write. The words won’t “come to me.” I won’t “feel creative.”

And tomorrow night I will find myself here. Tired, thinking a good nights rest will help the words come easier tomorrow.


  1. Woo woo reply:

    Or the words come if you make the time, if they get to be the priority. Because the muse wants to feel loved, praised, adored, valued, and special. The muse wants tributes. And when denied, harsh wrath of bad mind chemicals floods in. Which is entirely unhelpful!!! But that is the way of the muse.

    Chocolates? Flowers? Presents wrapped in pretty bows? 🍫💐🎁
    The muse wants time and attention. Wants to feel heard. Wants gratitude. You must show up first. You must give much to get any.

    There’s your woo woo message. Maybe it’ll help.

    🤗 Here is a hug.
    🐈 Here is a kitty headbutt.

    I miss human interaction.


    1. Nicki says:

      I know. I haven’t made the time. It’s my fault. I’m not showing up. There’s nothing to give.

      But thank you. I love your intentions with this reply. Pardon my toxicity which apparently isn’t diluted even when my mood is otherwise okay. Huh. Sorry about that.


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