I held the camera up

This isn’t the writing I thought I’d be doing when I opened the Chromebook but oh well.

I came close to making a video today. I sat in the car while the rain died down and I picked up my camera (phone) and looked at myself on the screen.

Then I put the phone down and came inside, because the rain had let up and I needed to get my computer inside while it was dry. And also because I didn’t know what to say.

But I nearly recorded another video. Very nearly.

ETA: I know nobody likes to hear this, but this is my blog.

I hate my fucking story the words are fucking stupid why did I think this year would be different I give up.


  1. Kitten hopes for more videos because I miss your face. Use camera on back side if you have to. I miss you.


    1. Nicki says:

      Sorry. I’m just…having trouble. I posted something, but no voice, no face. I liked it a lot, but it doesn’t suit your needs. At all.


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