I found a couple new distractions

In the form of video games. Two new ones on my phone. One was recommended by Elder Youth, the other by ads.

I am getting a lot of ads for “Win Real Money!” kind of games. I’m smart enough not to throw actual money at games like that. I’m not good at gambling (as in, knowing when to quit). But I am, however, willing to watch any number of ads in an attempt to win money.

Just like I’m willing to answer surveys in order to earn money.

Basically, I’ll give tons of time on the off chance it’s legit enough to maybe let me cash out a bit.

I’m a sucker.

I need new glasses. There used to be a plastic sheath on the arms of my current pair, but then it started to deteriorate, and I got tired of dealing with it (especially since it was oozing something resembling ear wax), so I pulled/cut the plastic off. Now the arms of my glasses are very thin, and they pressed into my head behind my ear before, but now it’s worse. So I should definitely make an appointment.

Yesterday broke my streak here on the blog. I made it to 70 days in a row! And then yesterday, I just didn’t want to. So I didn’t. And tonight, I just wanted to create something. So I’m back.

But I should put this aside and read some. I’m getting to a good spot in my book, and I’m running into things and suggestions that really sound like things I want to put into action.

But I’m not really sure how.

It’s silly stuff I know how to do. I know how to track things. I like spreadsheets. I like my bullet journal and making habit trackers. Maybe it’s a little that I don’t know what to track. Maybe it’s a lot that I don’t know what to track. (I’m not looking for ideas. I know I could track words written, pages read, distance walked, etc. I have ideas.)


I’m babbling.

My smallest cat jumped on his next largest brother. Just looked down on him from the edge of the sofa, and plopped on down directly on top of his sibling.

Shybutts is the sweetest, the gentlest, the shyest, the most precious of our cats. And he’s also the biggest troublemaker, and he nearly always gets away with it.

Static is the cross-eyed, plain, solid sibling. And he’s also the most loyal, the kindest, and most toilet-prone. We’re working on the toilet issue.


That’s what I had to share. It’s not really a lot to share, I suppose. I mean, it’s a lot of words, but it’s not a lot of content.



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