Stress eating

I’ve done more stress eating since going back to the office than I ever did at the start of the stay at home order. And I’ve done less moving since going back to the office than I did while working from home.

I am made to work from home. That’s the logical conclusion here.

It actually indicates something else for me as well, but I’m not going to state that conclusion out loud.

I am someone that absolutely hates conflict. I like gossip, but I hate conflict. And my favorite form of exercise (and I’m so sorry, I know this isn’t original) is jumping to conclusions. I have it pretty under control these days, but it still creeps up.

Like what happened a few weeks ago. I posted a post on a social media account that I share with coworkers, and someone replied something that was most likely a general comment about the general negative tone on said social media, but felt like a personal fucking attack. I can’t delete that social media, but I sure as hell can delete all the posts I’ve made over the last ten years or so, and so I did that.

<sarcasm> Because that’s totally a rational reaction to a comment someone made on social media, and not to my face. </sarcasm>

Trust me, I do understand that it was an overreaction. And if maybe it happened again a week later on a different social media account? Yeah, I understand that’s an overreaction as well.

But honestly, it feels better. It feels like I cleaned up a mess that was sticky and starting to attract ants. I feel like I have control again. And maybe it’s helping me pay more attention to what I post on the few accounts I haven’t purged yet.

Or maybe not. Only time will tell.

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