Daily Reminder

The Reminder I set up on my phone is persistent, and I appreciate it.

This is your daily reminder. What are you grateful for today?

I am grateful for getting more sleep when my body tells me I need it.

I am grateful for all the help I have trying to raise my kids. My husband, my parents, therapists, doctors. They’re all critical.

I am grateful we haven’t had creditors calling us in the past 18 years, because creditor calls and letters suck ass.

I am grateful I have most of my debt in a debt management plan that helps me get those fuckers paid off because seriously, I fucking hate debt.

I am grateful we are able to pay our bills even though our income is altered right now.

I am grateful I have a job that is so flexible, and that I’m able to work in the office right now.

I am grateful for the new idea to work on my penmanship with a little bit of daily practice. (I’ll post some updates soon.)

There’s more, but I’m also crunched for time.


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