Things to do when I wake up early

Because I often allow myself to go back to bed instead of waking up when I said I wanted to wake up, I thought I’d make a list I could look at (or remember, hopefully, since I doubt I’ll have this easily accessible) of the things I find I don’t always have time or energy for after I’ve been at the office all day.

I could:

  • journal
  • meditate
  • walk
  • blog
  • record a video
  • read
  • eat breakfast
  • watch TV
  • write
  • epilate
  • write a letter
  • catch up on YouTube
  • do my nails
  • practice my left-handed writing

Those are the things I thought of on my way to work.

Here’s what from that list I managed this morning, having woken at 4:45 am.

  • meditate
  • journal (x3)
  • read
  • watch TV
  • walk

I had reached the fourth item on that list, thinking, “Hey, I really want to watch part of this show so I can finish the series and then concentrate on other things, like writing,” and I realized ugh, I haven’t been walking in forever, and I can totally listen to YouTube videos like they’re podcasts, and still walk.

So that’s what I did.

And I was late to work. Not a lot late, just three or four minutes. I know that’s a side effect of getting so comfortable at home with being able to see it was 8:45 and hey, I should get in the shower. But things are different now, and I really ought to be ready to go (except maybe for making lunch) by eight to get out the door and to the office on time.

I’ll work on that.

I hope you’re having a great day! And if you’re not having a great day, I hope you’re having an okay day. And if you’re not having an okay day, then I hope tomorrow is better. Loves!

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