So I’m trying not to do this, but…

I don’t like to harsh on Mondays. It’s just a day of the week, and it hasn’t done anything wrong. It just happens to be after the weekend.

Same with Fridays. There’s nothing particularly more awesome about Friday that Monday can’t deliver on. Or Tuesday, or Wednesday. So to say, “Thank goodness, it’s Friday!” is just as “bad” as blaming Monday for happening to fall after the weekend.

But honestly…thank goodness, it’s Friday.

I’m glad the workweek is nearly over. I’m grateful to have a couple days to not be giving my creative energy to the office. I’m happy at the thought that the only thing I have to do tomorrow is haul 30 pounds of laundry across town, spend 9 hours of my day doing the wash, and haul it back home. Even the fact that I’ll be doing as much work for as long as I would on a weekday doesn’t deter my good mood.

Funny, that.

So, I’m glad for the day of the week.

Now that that’s out of the way!

Did I mention I have an extra animal in the house as of this week? We are now the lifetime companions to four cats (Shadow, Static, Shybutts, and S. Fluffy McFlufferson), one parakeet (Comet), and now, one guinea pig (Benelli). Benelli is very cute. I don’t know if you call tri-color guinea pigs brindle, calico, or tortoise shell, but that gives you an idea of what color she is.

Additionally, I am now no longer quite so outnumbered! Benelli is a girl, and even though we thought Comet was a boy for some time, the determination is that she’s actually a girl as well. It’s a bit more of a relief than I expected, to be honest.

I managed to get up again today before 5! I haven’t made quite as good use of my time as yesterday, but I did meditate, get my journals done, and this. I’d like to read, but I think once I’m done here I’ll shower and get to work, and then I’ll be able to read there before getting started.

So there’s a plan! I hope you have a great day! If you don’t have a great day, I hope you have a good day. If you don’t have a good day, I hope tomorrow is better. Loves!

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