I don’t know how to say this well so I’m just going to say it

It is


that the men involved in killing George Floyd were not immediately


for their crimes. That is

FUCKING unacceptable.

That is racism.

When a white woman


her race and gender to try to get a black man

arrested, beaten, killed,

that’s fucking racism.

I’m a white woman, and I fuck up a lot at life. I make mistakes. And I acknowledge that I have privilege as a white woman that not everyone is lucky enough to have. Sometimes I say things without thinking. And I find talking about people of color and the shit they go through hard because I worry about saying the wrong thing.

But I have a tiny platform. And people I respect who know a fuckton more about race relations than I do, or who have much larger audiences than I do, are telling people like me (white women, white men) that it’s no longer okay to just not contribute to racism, and I fucking agree.

So here’s the politics.


Black lives matter.

Our President in 2020 is a racist, fascist idiot, and I hope you all work to get him the

I know it’s not enough to simply proclaim these things. I’ll work on that.

I don’t know what else to say or what else to add. Any commentary about this can go on Twitter – you can find me there: @nivixious or @growingupwalls