Y’know, sometimes I really just pull post titles out of my butt and what I pick has nothing at all to do with what I’m going to post for that day.

Just sayin’.

Today is a lovely day outside. The temps are mild (high of 66ºF), the sun is out and the sky is clear, off and on. Partly cloudy, I think they call that.

I spent some time outside this morning and got a couple videos filmed, for which I am grateful. I also finished The Science of Getting Rich yesterday afternoon…or maybe this morning? I’m thinking yesterday. It was so very good. And, bonus points, since I already had a bit of exposure to quite a bit of self-development, Law of Attraction stuff already, I now know where everyone got their materials. But seriously, it did make the book easier to understand. The language, as the book was written in 1910, is a bit stiffer than many people are used to, and it sometimes takes a while to get used to the “accent”, so to speak.

I journaled, but still want to meditate, and this was the third thing on my List Of Things That Must Be Done (blogging). And then I’d like to edit some, but I need to be mindful about the kids. Not because I’m doing something inappropriate, but because I want to spend some time with them today, so I’m going to try to squeeze the editing into spaces where they’re occupied with their interests.

I need to wash my glasses. There’s a fussy smear that doesn’t want to go away with a huffy breath and a shirttail swipe. Time for the Big Guns (soap and water).

Have you got any plans today? I know the day is more than half over, being after 1 pm as it is, but I figure I’ll ask anyway, and you can just apply it to whatever day you read this on. I’d love to hear about it!

I hope you’re having a great day!

And if you’re not having a great day, I hope you’re having a good day.

And if you’re not having a good day, I hope tomorrow is better.



  1. I do have plans today! Plans to WRITE! Or EDIT! Or BLOG! Maybe all three! *gasp in shock* I don’t remember the last time I wrote, which means it’s been too long. And I have to go to the big box store. Oh boy.


    1. Nicki says:

      Oh dear. I am currently picking up at the big box store. Thankfully their grocery pickup has opened up again. 💖


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