I have an alert set up to go off every morning at 9am to remind me to blog. That’s all it says, actually, just Blog.

I’m in a rare mood this morning. One of motivation and energy and (pause to take a big chug of water) desire to do all the things possible.

Yesterday I watched a video from someone who seems to usually do videos about How To YouTube. But the video I watched was her talking about the Law of Attraction.

Oh, yeah, I remember that. I learned about it 3-4 years ago. Maybe five? I don’t remember the when, but I do remember the books. You Are A Badass, Ask and It Is Given, and another Badass book on Money.

I remember driving home and listing all the things I was grateful for them before they happened, and then watched them happen. I’m grateful for getting into traffic easily, then pulling out into a space that just appeared, giving me time to get my car placed where it needed to be for my drive home. I’m grateful that light is staying green for me, then driving through the very green light, catching just a glimpse of amber as I drove underneath it.

Silly things. Not big things.

Yesterday I watched the video, and I was riled up enough to pull out my yellow Badass book from the shelf and read a third of it before the day was over. And I’ll probably read the green Badass book before the end of the week. And the Ask book by the really-out-there Hicks’ couple.

I’m going to make things happen.


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