Okay, it’s not the cat that’s distracting. It’s a bit of a hyper mood, the nice day, the quietness in my home at the moment, a new live video, those things. I haven’t done this yet, and I want to take just ten minutes or so to do this, and only this, and then move on.

Happy Tuesday! Even though my writing group and I don’t get together in person anymore, we still try to do a video chat every Tuesday. Even though I haven’t had the energy to do a video chat where some people are chatting and some people are just using the computer while on video for the past few weeks, there’s still some residual excitement about Tuesdays. It’s odd, but I’m going to take it.

I think tonight I’ll try to go outside with my phone and Chromebook and script videos while I’m hanging out with my Tuesday group. That would be nice. That will mean making dinner a little earlier than usual, but I think my family will understand.

My DH has been especially helpful lately. I’m just going a little nuts (stressed out, anxious), and he’s there just being supportive, as you do. As he does, I suppose. It’s super helpful. Super super helpful. He’s also helping me learn things about parenting that either I never knew, or have forgotten.

Parenting is HARD, man! I need all the damn help I can get.

I scripted another video last night, but I haven’t filmed anything yet. I promise, that’s the only YouTube conversation I’ll have.

I have a window by my desk, and usually (for some reason) we only ever open one window in our house. But yesterday afternoon, I opened the storm window and opened the window up for the cats. Actually, I know why we never open windows—because we’re usually not home. Since I open the drapes on the window every morning (a habit my mom has, but that has never stuck with me), it made sense to make another window available for the kitties.

And they love it. Earlier our black (dark brown) cat kicked out our largest cat with a bop on the head. Before that, two cats were in the window, and one cat was trying to make his way in. Before that, two cats were in the window by my desk, and another was in the kitchen.


Well, this is enough. I’m sure I won’t have a quiet house forever (DH and JY went for a drive), and I should be working, but I wanted to get this done. Now I have three hours to get a project completed, and I’m going to nail it in two.

Maybe I’ll even “accidentally” turn off my phone ringer…


Have a great day!

Or a good day!

Or if you’re having a bad day, {{{hugs}}}, and I hope tomorrow is better.



  1. 😻
    I am distracticat, meow.

    Kittens in windows! 💗

    Tuesday failed. Every week is different. I should probably start at 7 instead, since 6 no longer seems to be a good time for anyone (including me). I don’t know. Watching it fail … ☄🔥😭💔⚰

    If my current mental state were physically health, they’d say words like “stage 4” and “make comfortable now.” That’s how it feels.


    1. Nicki says:

      I failed you on Tuesday as well. I thought I’d be able to come, and until that particular work news, it seemed like a sure thing. I’m sorry about that.

      Well, in terms of mental health, there’s nothing wrong with making yourself comfortable when things get too hard. {{{hugs}}} 💖


  2. I hope you were successful in getting your three hour project done in two hours!


    1. Nicki says:

      As I recall, this particular day did not go exactly as I hoped, but I cannot remember why. Hmm…


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