Well, then, let’s ask!

What kind of blogs do you like reading?

What kind of YouTube content do you like watching?

I like reading advice columns, gossip magazines, blogs by people I know or authors I enjoy, online comics, and occasionally some political or feminist magazines.

I like watching videos on Minecraft (particularly the server Hermitcraft), lifestyle vlogs, one vegan channel that is supported by science, how to YouTube videos, one nail art channel and the associated spin-off channels, and channels by people I know or have online connections with.

I really like blogging about whatever comes to mind on a particular day, even if not everyone will find it entertaining. I don’t mind getting sidetracked in the middle of a video and telling a story that may only be tangentially related to the topic at hand. Maybe not everyone finds it as entertaining as I do, but I suppose that’s okay. I can’t please everyone.

I am a mother of two, a wife, a fur-mama to four, and a bird grandma. I have trained as a truck driver, I have driven city busses, I have programmed for computers, designed websites, hosted communities, wrangled writers, and now design digital and printed materials in my Day Job while developing a YouTube channel and working on my blog during my off times. I have written and published novels, novellas, short stories, and gotten paid for them. I have read until 4 am because I couldn’t put the book (or ereader) down.

I have quite a bit to say.

So, what would you like to hear?


  1. I poorly attempt to keep up with a handful of blogs by friends. On YouTube I watch you, Alton Brown, occasionally Fluffy (Gabriel Inglis *sp), and Foamy. (Who I usually like but sometimes the other characters not as much, idk.)

    I’m strange. We shouldn’t go by me.

    Like, if I search how to do a thing, and there are 7 billion videos and 1 written site, I’ll click the site. Written instructions. EVERY TIME. Even if I watch the video, I’m probably taking written notes.

    Mostly, if I’m holding my phone, I’m looking for information or human connection. Occasionally playing a game, but then there’s an ad or it wants money and I loose interest for months.

    I watch your videos right now because I miss you. Honestly, if I knew I’d see you every week, I might not watch as often because I wouldn’t be Nicki deprived. Just cause I don’t usually watch YouTube. I did more when it streamed to my tv, but that feature stopped working by EVERY method. So, if I watch YouTube, it’s on my computer. I keep media turned off on my phone because I forget it’s there and then I scroll Facebook and HEY HERE IS A TRAIN WHISTLE COMPETING WITH A TORNADO WARNING SIREN DURING A NORWEGIAN METAL CONCERT WHILE I SCRATCH NAILS ON A CHALKBOARD!!


    Though, if I happen upon a cat video, I’ll watch it. And then it suggests another. And another. And… 26 hours later…

    I was watching Madam Secretary and one episode had a thing about how video algorithms can spread fake news and conspiracies and white supremacists. And I was like 😮🤯
    So that’s a thing.

    More weird:
    The thing I like about tv shows is this will be 23 or 53 minutes. Or whatever. But I can figure out how much time I plan to spend and fill that spot. YouTube, could be 5, 10, 90, … So instead of fitting it to my plans, I have to fit my plans to it. But I do have very poorly planned days. And that’s how I catch up on all the videos in one day.

    This comment is way too 😖🤪👾🧟‍♀️🦀🥜🤺🏚⏳🔨⛔🆗️


    1. Nicki says:

      This is a great comment, and you can’t tell me otherwise. 🙂

      I understand YouTube isn’t for everyone, and I understand if you end up stop watching when we’re able to get together again – or even if you stop watching now, because I have a feeling, with a few exceptions, it’s about to get out of your interest zone. 🙂

      I like Gabriel Iglesias too, but I haven’t watched anything since his Fat & Fluffy Netflix special. I should find more.

      Hmm…I need to see if I can get a decent cat video together, because cats are always adorable.

      I have the media turned off on Facebook, too. Those noisy surprises are never fun.

      {{{hugs}}} Thanks for the comment, Jamiefriend! Loves!!


      1. Fluffy has a tv show on Netflix. It’s actually pretty good. He plays a teacher. But he does have a YouTube channel. I don’t know if you can see what I’m subscribed to and find it that way.

        Nah, not quitting your videos right now. Even if you start talking about how to dissect owl poo. (Which my sixth grade science teacher did, so I’ve actually seen that already.) I miss you too much. I can’t get a hug or lean my head on your arm while you’re typing. We can’t share cupcakes. I can’t see what pretty pens you have today. But dammit, I can at least get your voice for a few damn minutes.


      2. Nicki says:



  2. I am terrible at reading blogs or watching YouTube videos. I actually watch very little. But when I get hooked on a blog, it’s likely to be a blog that either has a continuous story I’m hooked on, or more likely it’s someone who’s real and raw and shares things about themselves. (Which you do!)


    1. Nicki says:

      I do do that thing which you have shared! 🙂 Well, hopefully you stick around once I get all the Law of Attraction stuff back down, because that’s likely to come back with a vengeance soon.


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