Happy mid-point of May!

Technically that might be considered the end of today, since May has 31 days. Or possibly half way through tomorrow? But I don’t want to get technical. It’s May 15th. It feels like we lived through half of May.

Go, us!

I got all dressed up today for work, wearing one of my work tees with a nice print and a wide collar instead of my usual graphic print tee, put on earrings, and a necklace (recently received from one of my good friends, and made by another friend who is currently working her butt off making masks, if you’re interested). Even though I’m in the jeans that don’t quite fit but I keep wearing (and hiking up) anyway, I still feel totally put together. Please, let my Day Job switch us to jeans all the time! I can get used to this!

I would like to film something today, and I’m definitely dressed for it. I have an idea, but I’m reluctant to share simply due to the fact that…

…crap, I just remembered I forgot to do something. Shit.

…due to the fact that I keep letting people down. Life is getting in the way of everything lately. Life, depression, anxiety, family, it’s all just budging the line to get it’s 2¢ in.

Well, that’s the way things go these days. I’m learning to deal with it.

(Okay, I just did the thing I forgot to do.)

So yeah. Even there are Things going on, today is going about as well as can be expected. Apologies if this post sounds a bit disjointed – I did take quite a bit of time to put it together, and…okay, I just did it to keep up my streak, okay?!


Oh, you absolutely should check out my friend, Christine, and her gorgeous, handmade jewelry and masks. Let me get you some links:

Sleepy Maple Website

Sleepy Maple Treasure Etsy

Sleepy Maple Vintage eBay

And now, you know the drill. 😀

I hope you’re having a great day!

And if you’re not having a great day, I hope you’re having an okay day.

And if you’re not having an okay day, I hope tomorrow is better.



    1. Nicki says:

      Yes, aren’t they? My friend has good taste. And my other friend has skills. 😀


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