Distraction-free Blogging

I had such an awful day yesterday.

I was so awful in my day yesterday.

I’m not sure which it was.

It was getting overwhelmed by interactions with a coworker.

It was forgetting to boil the water before adding the spaghetti.

It was forgetting to add the groceries needed to the grocery pickup for today.

It was going to bed early and forgetting to wish a family member a happy birthday.

It was so awful.

I have no idea what I blogged about yesterday. I was doing it while listening to someone else talk, and so I don’t know if yesterday’s blog made any sense at all. Today, I’m taking the time to get the blog done before trying to dive into work, just so it gets done.

Actually, I took some time this morning to get lots of things done, since yesterday was such a shit show.

I went grocery shopping before 8 am to get the things we need (milk, bread) that I didn’t order in my attempt to “hold” the grocery pickup time. The trip went well, and I didn’t spend a ton of money, and I feel good about that.

I went ahead, even though I was in a shit mood, and finally fucking filmed the video I’ve been talking about since Tuesday. (Have I been talking about it here since Tuesday? I don’t remember. I just know I got the idea Monday night and I’ve been telling myself since then that I wanted to film.) Today, I took the time, even though I didn’t “have the time”. I just took the time from something else, as I’m doing now, because I’ll be able to make that time up later.

There’s always enough time for the Day Job Day, but not always enough time for My Day.

That sounds familiar. Maybe that’s what I blogged about yesterday?

For the rest of today, though, there’s nothing else I want to do that needs a “perfect scenario”. I need to make food for lunch, but I can ask DH to do that. I need to edit the video I just shot, but I can ask for my chair and the occupant will give it to me, grudgingly or otherwise. I want to watch more of my “Watch Later” queue, and I think I can just stick some earbuds in and do that.

Well, that’s it for now.

I hope you’re having a good day.

And if you’re not having a good day, I hope you’re having an okay day.

And if you’re not having an okay day, I hope tomorrow is better for you.



  1. Ending sentiments repeated back from sleepy kitten with much love.


    1. Nicki says:

      ❤ much loves!


  2. I hate those days. 😦 I hope the intervening days were/are better.


    1. Nicki says:

      They’ve been generally okay, as far as I can remember. I’m very good at forgetting them as quickly as possible. 🙂


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