Oh, the ideas!

I had a very productive night last night! But I also drank some wine (two glasses, reasonable), had some chips and salsa (entirely too much salsa), enjoyed a beer, had more chips, had another beer, and then finished the bottle of salsa I had only opened that day at lunch (waaaay too much salsa!).

So that was a lot of wine, beer, chips, and salsa. But the other things that were happening at the same time as that consumption was excellent.

I watched a veritable shit ton of YouTube videos on How To YouTube (essentially – that wasn’t the literal subject of all of the videos, of course), and I learned.

I learned a lot.

And I got an idea for a video that I’m kind of thrilled about, and even though I’m a Baby Channel right now and don’t have much experience and don’t have any credibility and am still trying to figure things out, I have a great idea and I’m going to film it today.

Because even though I’m a Baby Channel and I don’t have much experience and I don’t have any credibility and I’m still figuring things out, I’m pretty good at consuming information and presenting what I found helpful in a way that may be helpful for other Baby Channels. And even though I’m just starting out (I’ll spare you me typing all that out again, even though I want to), I don’t think what I have have to share is invaluable or even repetitive.

Or maybe it is. But that’s okay! I’ll give you a spoiler. One thing I learned, and that I kind of knew from the get-go, is that I’ve got to just Do The Thing. I have to Do It even though I’m uncomfortable, even though I say “um” seven million times, even though I’m not great at editing (yet), even though I don’t have a big audience.

Do The Thing.

Record the video. Edit the video. Make the thumbnail. Write a title. Create a description. Wait for it to f*ing finish uploading, then wait longer for it to process. Share it when it’s public.




I’m enjoying doing the thing, though, even though uploading is time consuming. I’m enjoying learning about the thing because…well, I’d like to earn money doing this some day, even if it’s not a lot, because (as another creator I watch has mentioned more than a few times, I’m motivated by money. I don’t know that that’s a thing a lot of people admit, but the more I heard someone else say it, the more times I heard myself saying in my head, yeah, me too!


So after watching each of the veritable shit ton of videos I watched, I made sure to like them (if I actually liked the video, which in every case I did) and write a relatively thoughtful comment. I decided in the last couple of days that even though I was very much WTF? when I first moved the channel to a brand account and all my subscriptions and playlists moved with it, that if I want to drive a few more people to my channel, I should be watching videos and commenting as my channel, so I went ahead and did that.

And it paid off. Someone else with a New Channel (60 subscribers to my 11) read one of my comments and stopped by! Woo, new subscriber! Did I say 11? I meant 12!

That was a lovely way to start my morning, I will say.

Well. The moral of this story is that even though I will not be drinking or consuming so much salsa hopefully ever again, that I did have a good night despite the overconsumption. And this turned into a very YouTube-y post. Sorry about that! I was just excited and wanted to share.

And now I have.

And I’ll film later, hopefully before it gets dark out.

I hope you’re having a great day!

And if you’re not having a great day, I hope you’re having an okay day.

And if you’re not having an okay day, I hope tomorrow is better.



  1. It’s interesting that all the “do the thing” …and try new things causes me to remember all the times I would try something new or think of doing something new and was immediately met with so much negativity. So many things that interested me at some point but I gave them up before I started because someone would hound me about how bad the idea was, even though they never did it.

    Like, tenth grade, I had an interest in rock climbing. Made a friend because I found out he did rock climbing. But everyone talked me out of ever even getting to try it. “When would you use that?” “When do you have time for that?” “Equipment costs money.” “What about when you get hurt?” Dude, I just wanted to go to one of those indoor things where you’re strapped in and TRY it. I wasn’t quitting school and moving to the Nevada desert. I just wanted to do something different for a damn weekend. It never happened. (And now I lack the strength to do it.)

    That’s just one example. I had a passion for science until my nineth grade teacher shut it down. She really killed a lot in me. (It was a tough life year, so it was pretty easy to rip out chunks of my personality. I didn’t have enough left to fight for myself by then.)

    Random thoughts. Barely belong as comments. Shutting up.


    1. Nicki says:

      Oh, Jamiefriend. I hate that people did that to you. {{{hugs}}} And I’m sorry I’m posting things that are hurtful for you.


  2. Do the thing! I’m looking forward to catching up on all the things.


    1. Nicki says:

      🙂 I hope you enjoy the things! ❤


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