Hard Start

I did not want to get up this morning.

I did not want to shower. (And since I didn’t do any hard physical activity yesterday, I didn’t.)

I did not want the cats (adorable, furry creatures powered by love) to scratch at the sofa, and paw at me, and try to wake me up, to try to convince me that they had no food and were dying of starvation. (They weren’t.)

I did not want to get on the computer to start work. (I changed the bird’s cage liner instead.)

I did not want to get started this morning.

Clearly, I did anyway.

I sat up and played my games.

I went upstairs for teeth brushing and vitamin consumption. Replaced vital items of clothing. Collected the water and food bowls from the feathered friend, cleaned them, and refilled them with fresh of both.

I replaced the paper in the bird’s cage as an avoidance tactic, and the same could be said of the phone calls to the doctor and then the pharmacy in an attempt to track down the mysterious refill that the doctor sent over and the pharmacy said we picked up. (Indeed, we had. DOH!)

Now…well, now I’m getting down to work.

I don’t wanna.



  1. I can’t imagine making phone calls to strangers as an avoidance tactic, haha. I will do almost anything to avoid it!


    1. Nicki says:

      Well, normally, no, I suppose. But I generally the doctor and the pharmacist are very helpful, and that was true that day (today, too, kind of). Turns out I was the derp, though. O well.


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