Happy Cow Day (and May the Forth be with you)

brown and white cow calf in foreground, bare trees and adult cows blurry in background
Photo by Jake Fagan on Unsplash

It is Happy Cow Day, as well as May the Fourth (Star Wars Day), and I would like to thank you for visiting today with a picture of a lonely calf who looks somewhat distracted by the camera as it goes to rejoin its herd, and a brief list of why we love cows.

Why do we love cows?

Because they give us:

  1. milk
  2. meat
  3. love
  4. and more cows

I was going to link to last year’s post about Happy Cow Day, but it seems I did not make a Happy Cow Day post last year. I know I’ve told the story before, but on the off chance that someone new is stopping by, I may have to retell it.

…on second thought, never mind. The short version will do.

My husband was out with my two kids years ago when one of them still needed a booster seat, and they must have been driving by some cows or something because he asked the youngest why they loved cows. Or perhaps the youngest told him why they loved cows? At any rate, the reasons were—as listed above—because they give us milk, meat, love, and more cows.

My favorite animal has always been horses, closely tied with manatee, but lately I also have a strange attraction toward owl, and cow. It’s a strange combination, and I don’t care.

And the cats are so ubiquitous in my life, I apparently feel like I don’t even need to mention them.

So, anyway.

Happy Cow Day!

And May the Fourth be with you.


  1. Cows! That’s a cute story, and I haven’t heard it before. 🙂


    1. Nicki says:

      Oh good! But i know I’ve told it on my blogs before, at least several times. 🙂 guess it’s a good thing the old blogs keep “disappearing”. *cough*Ikeepdeletingthem*cough*


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