Pronounced to rhyme with “itch”, not “beesh”, according to Google. Adjective.

denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population

Google Dictionary

I have a hard time with this.

Your blog should have a niche.

Very Popular Advice on starting a blog (no direct citations)

You’ll need to figure out your niche.

Very Popular Advice on starting a YouTube Channel (no direct citation)


Because I don’t have a damn niche! I like talking about whatever. I like filming random crap. Although perhaps it wasn’t a great idea to post about my walk, recently. I may take that down for privacy reasons.

I don’t know what my blog is about.

I don’t know what my YouTube channel is about.

I’m not exactly having a crisis, but I’m kind of having a crisis.

I think the solution here is to stop reading and watching advice about how to do the thing, and just do the thing. One, I’ll probably have more fun in the process. Two, I’ll definitely stress less about doing things “wrong”. (I am, apparently, very concerned about doing things wrong.)

I don’t have a niche, unless “I have no idea what I’m doing and you can’t stop me” can be a niche.

Even the word is irritating. Niche. I feel like it really needs to be pronounced like “neesh”, not “nitch”. Even “neeshay” wouldn’t be so irritating to me. (Turns out, Google can’t even agree on how to pronounce it. Because “niche” looks French, I asked Google what “niche in french” is, and it pronounced the English version “neesh” instead of it’s previous pronunciation of “nitch”. F*ckitol.)

I don’t have any idea what I’m doing, and you can’t stop me.

Am I doing YouTube because I wanted to? Because I like it? Because I’d love for it to be another stream of income?


Am I going to be just as scattered on YouTube as I am here, on my blog?

Ah, yup.

My niche can be “people who know me IRL and who want to support me because they don’t hate me, or are related to me”.

And people who like to watch other people cut off their hair.

Because that’s a thing.


ETA: 21-day streak, baybee! ❤


  1. This “I don’t have any idea what I’m doing, and you can’t stop me.” is your niche. Real person. Real life. It’s so amazing (and brave) to read/see/listen to people talk about the way life really is. It’s not that you’re doing something specific. It’s that on bad days, we hear about bad days. On good days, we hear about good days. It’s a great thing.


    1. Nicki says:

      Is it weird to say that I’m worried at some point I’ll figure it out and move out of that niche though? Well, maybe everyone faces that. It’ll sort itself out I suppose. Thank you! 😊


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