165-mile Challenge Kickoff | #165milechallenge #5kadayinMay

Walk – check.

I did the thing.

I am very proud of myself for doing the thing.

I did not wake as early as I wanted this morning to do the thing, but not only did I still manage to do the thing (take a walk, in case that was unclear), I also managed to do it and get a shower before my day job kicked in.

It felt good, too. I enjoyed the walk. I went with my hat and my Hoo-rag (my mask, until I get the fabric out and try to make a real one), and I only passed a few people on the trail I like to walk on. When I did, I was pleased to see that almost all of them also had masks, and were either wearing them up, or pulled them up when we got within 12′ of each other.

There were a couple runners who didn’t have masks, and I had earbuds in so I didn’t hear them until they’d passed me, essentially, but we do our best. I’ll just have to trust that they weren’t sick, or breathing on me. They did use the opposite side of the trail, and I did stick close to my edge.

I think it was all good.

So it was a really good walk. On the long side, but I also joined up with a bunch of my Rise Sisters (the conference I went to in January) to try a 5K a Day in May challenge. I don’t care if I don’t manage another single day, to be perfectly honest. I’m so proud of myself for starting the month on the right foot. There are going to be so many obstacles this month, and I won’t be able to dodge them all.

I did this one right. My day started with a workout, and it made me feel better.

So that’s it! This is a post to keep up my blog streak, and to update folks on my challenges.

Speaking of challenges.

I haven’t given up on the #1millionwords challenge. I don’t know how on Earth I could catch up at this point, but I think my mindset is going to have to shift. Instead of the goal being 1,000,000 words in 2020, it’s going to have to be 1,000,000 words in 365 days, and my primary focus needs to be getting back into a daily writing habit. It might not happen this week. We had a bit of an upheaval here on Tuesday, and I must deal with that.

I’m going to figure things out. It’s going to be okay.

I started my walking challenges on time, just like I started my 1,000,000 words challenge on time, and that’s what matters.

❤ Loves


  1. Great job! I also haven’t given up on a million words, but I am woefully behind. We’re going to need to do some serious butt kicking to do it. I’m debating on the 165 mile challenge. Actually, I need to get my home gym setup going because they said they’ll do indoor equivalent miles and that would work better for me. Please feel free to poke me about it.


    1. Nicki says:

      You got it!


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