I did a thing!

Perhaps you saw the thing, because I posted about it on Facebook and Twitter, which is uncharacteristic for me. I am not in the habit of bragging about my creations (usually books). But heck, I did the video even though my Critical Voice kept telling me circumstances weren’t perfect enough.

I have not yet done many of the other things on yesterday’s list, though. I did do one thing that wasn’t on the list, which was taking a walk. I tried to get Junior Youth to come with, but JY wasn’t interested. It worked in my favor, because my walk was therefore longer and a bit faster.

However, let me vent for a moment about people on bicycles who will keep plenty of space between themselves and their fellow riders, but who will brush by pedestrians with just inches to spare. Come on, guys. You’re coming up behind me, and you can see how fast I’m moving. Why not single-file yourself for the purpose of giving me a little space, too?

Anyway, the trail was busy. I’ll stick next time to the park trail on my side of the river, or better yet, just walking around the neighborhood. There’s significantly less traffic in the residential areas around my house, pedestrian and otherwise, and every single person I pass there will cross the street or move into the street to give others space.

The walk was good, though. I love longer walks. When the mornings warm up, I’ll start getting my 3 mile walks in earlier before my day starts, and then be able to go on a “decompression stroll” with Junior Youth and their camera in the afternoon when JY is ready.

I just “zoned out” for twenty minutes on Facebook. I need to stop that. And I need to wrap this up and maybe get a quick nap because I would like a nap.

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  1. I’m with you on the Facebook thing. It’s so easy to zone out. Awful!

    Also, I’ve been enjoying neighborhood walks, too. It’s rather nice.


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