I went to my very first well-doctor/new patient appointment today. I don’t think I’ve been to the doctor without being sick since I was little. I only go if I’m not feeling well, and it takes flu-level sick (or that one time with the back pain while pregnant) to get me there.

In January, when I got sick, I found out I was no longer a patient with my previous doctor, which was absolutely a blessing in disguise. I didn’t like the guy, and his office was very far away. So I went to the little CVS Minute Clinics for the flu and for shingles, and promised myself when I got better I’d get a regular doctor.

So I made the appointment on Tuesday, and I was able to be seen today. It worked really well! My doctor is nice and energetic and probably a little younger than me, and it turns out that I’m relatively healthy. Blood pressure, etc are splendid. It’s just…

Well, I’m fat. I knew that. It’s hard to miss. So I got a little lecture, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

I told her I’d been walking lately, and she launched into the lecture about, well, if you want to lose weight, it’s all about the carbs/sugar. And I was like, no, I’m not trying to lose weight, I’m trying to move more. I’m not even worrying about my food right now. I don’t care about that. I can focus on this one thing – walking, and then at the end of March, trying to run. I can focus on that, and when that’s a habit, maybe we’ll talk about food.

But she did mention a thing – because don’t think for a second that me telling her that “losing weight” is a phrase that if I focus on it will guarantee failure stopped her lecture – that was kind of interesting. Along with her “carbs are not good”, “yogurt is full of sugar and pasteurized so much to erase any probiotic bonus (except Greek yogurt”, and “fat will stay in your digestive tract for 9 hours but sugar’s in your bloodstream in 60 minutes” spiel, she mentioned something about sugar and protein on the nutrition label.

I don’t know how she got on this particular point, because one moment she’s telling me that breakfast cereal, yogurt, and granola bars are bad, and the next minute she’s telling me that on the nutrition label you should be looking for sugar in the single digits, and protein in the double digits. Come to think of it, she might have been talking about granola/protein bars. That would make sense. But I just glommed onto the Sugar 1, Protein 2 bit.

So anyway. I’m still not going to be worrying about what I eat, if I’m honest, although I will keep what she said in the back of my mind. “Diet” is another one of those words that you might call a “trigger” – I’m not going on another fucking Diet ever, but thinking about nutrition is totally something that seems possible.

Once the moving is a habit. And the water. And I’m still working on both.

Oh, and I get bloodwork tomorrow! I feel so Adult. 😉


  1. Glad it went okay. Yes, “positive lifestyle alteration” is a much more nutritionally effective wording than death-with-t. (70% of the items on the “protein list” make my stomach invert food back out the wrong way, soooo… yeah… ) But I’m glad you’re walking and went to doc and have good bp and stuff. Woo!!! Drink lots of water before blood test. And if you need a ride because woozy, let me know. Also, I’m taking John to Quest in Emaus next week (the BEST one with the super good nurse), so if you wanna join us, that’s totally an option. 😁😘


    1. Nicki says:

      There’s a lab in the doctor’s office and it’s a 5-min walk so I’ll try that first. Usually if I warn them I’m a fainter before they start it all works out better for everyone involved. 😀


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