Here’s a quick update on the Creative Things I’m doing lately.

It’s just #Inktober2019

I’m really enjoying it. I end up staying almost on track – right now I’m behind 1 day so I’ll catch up when I get home on yesterday and today. My version of #Inktober is lettering with doodles since that is the amount of drawing I enjoy. I can draw some things, and we could always end up with a month’s worth of horses, since my skill there is moderate. But I’m enjoying this. I’m getting better at judging my available space, and with the exception of Husky (for which I could think of nothing to doodle so I just kept writing the word over and over), I like everything I’ve done. Pattern is my favorite, Enchanted is a close second place, and only a few people are going to “get” the Bait reference (and boy, they sure did, and quickly).

So none of the other creative things I enjoy (or have enjoyed in the past) such as writing, cross-stitch, knitting, or painting are happening right now, and I’m okay with that. I’m enjoying this, and playing Minecraft (could be argued to be creative, I suppose), and watching movies.

And I’m surviving. Dealing with the random jumble of my mental health (great some days, severe on others, moderate almost 35% of the time) and my family and my job.

It’s enough.

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