I’m going to be doing the Blog All About It blog challenge by herding cats & burning soup. If you like to blog, it’s not too late to start!

This month’s prompt is risk.

I have several big projects to tackle if I want my home to be less stressful to me.

Cleaning out my garage.

Removing some carpeting from the house.

Things that there’s a very good chance I’ll do wrong.

But I don’t know if I don’t try.

And that’s the risk.

The garage in particular I am hopeful for. I spent last Sunday helping to clean someone else’s house. Throwing things away that were no longer useful or useable. Sweeping cobwebs from walls and ceilings. Ordering the things that would stay. Creating imperfect, better than before spaces that someone could come into and make something of.

If I just pretend the garage belongs to someone else, I stand a chance. I will go through what’s there with my husband to determine what things he would clearly like to remain, and then Sunday I will start.

Reassemble the bicycles. Arrange the tools. Sweep the grass clippings. Throw out the molding books. I have a tarp for what I will keep, and hope to find that the spigot works so I have a source of outside water.

Fingers crossed.


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