FLog, Twitt

I’m trying my hand at keeping a food log (FLog) with Fitbit again. I prefer my Fitbit to the Apple Watch, oddly enough. Maybe I wasn’t ever meant to be an Apple Girl? Well, anyway. It’s just the first day, so of course it’s going well. Whatever.

Oh, BTW – the water is going on again/off again well. Workdays are good, weekends the wagon leaves me in the dust. I’m proud of the progress I make during the week, and I’m trying to be more mindful about tracking as soon as I finish a measurable quantity.

I’m also trying my hand at staying away from Twitter. I like it there, it’s the last place I keep connected with the few friends I have, but it gets so riled up, and it can be ridiculously nasty. I’m tempted to delete the app and just check on the computer once in a while. We’ll see.

Speaking of apps that are complete time sucks that I really should delete, Pinterest is one of those. But I won’t. JY has both Insta and Pinterest, and I feel it’s necessary to be on those mediums kind of regularly to keep an eye on. I don’t post original content there, though. Maybe I will again for my writing, someday, if I ever start writing again.

Or maybe this is just the only space I need. That’s a very valid argument. Social who?

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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  1. I love the Pinterest and sending fun things. Plus, much easier to manipulate the “feed” based on what you pin.

    John had a water app. He did not tell me he had a water app. Every 90 minutes or so, I would hear water running. And I freaked out. Did a pipe burst??? What is that? Rather than say, “it’s an app,” he deleted it. And told me later when I mentioned it to maintenance. So… the point is there’s an app and it reminds you to drink water, apparently by making the sound of running water, which is fine if you know what it is, but can scare the crap out of people who don’t know you’re using it.

    Also, the SparkPeople app has a food log, and water log I think. I found I spent too much time on it when I used it, especially considering my results (but steroids, not fault of app, site, or kitten).


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