I’ve been fussing with the idea of going completely #nopoo since I shaved my head around New Year’s last year. I’d heard about it, it was intriguing, but most of all, my hair has been subjected to daily shampooing for at least 20 years, and probably more like 25. It’s frizzy on good days, no exceptions, and day 2 has always been greasy-looking. But with super-short hair, it would be easier, right?

Well. I mean, not washing your hair isn’t hard. It’s a lack of action, and this one in particularly is easy. You either don’t get it wet, or massage your scalp under the shower. Simple.

Except then I forgot I wasn’t going to go shampoo free, and I’d wash it. Or I’d have something going on and I thought it would be important to have it clean. Or… or… or…

It’s only been since the start of this year that I’ve been tapering off the shampoo with intention. I have made progress from daily shampoos to where I am today, trying out my 4th day at work instead of relegating it to the weekend when nobody sees me except family. So far, so good.

The results for me, regardless of what’s actually going on with my head, are positive and clear: when I shampoo, my hair is frizzy and poofy. Day two is much better. Day three has until today been the last day I can go without it getting gritty, but I made sure to really give my scalp a good massage in the shower and brush my hair before leaving for work after it had mostly dried.

It looks better. It’s softer. I do worry that it looks greasy, but the reality is that the longer I give my head to get used to the reduction in shampoos, the longer it looks good. I’ll probably need to shampoo tomorrow, but the next time that day five lands on a weekend, I’ll give that a shot, and I’ll keep working forward.

Have you ever tried getting away from shampoo? Do you use shampoo alternatives in your hair, or just water? I’m interested


  1. Baby powder. That’s been the shampoo alternative for centuries. Sprinkle on, rub in, brush.


    1. Nicki says:

      I probably won’t, but thanks for the tip. My goal is to not use anything but water.


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