April Challenges

There are a variety of 30-day challenges in April, and I’m not taking part in any of them. But a couple of them have been fun for me in the past, and you have a couple of days to sign up for them still, so I thought I’d tell you about them.

Camp NaNoWriMo

If you’ve done National Novel Writing Month in November, this is similar except it’s in April, you set your own goal, and you have cabins instead of forums. The Camp NaNo site says:

Complete a writing project in a month

Track your progress

Get online support

Free to participants

100% fun

Here’s the link to their site. You should totally do this thing.

Blogging from A to Z

This one is fun, too. If you have a blog and you want more visitors and want to find new blogs, you should do this blog hop. I know two of the hosts, and they put a lot of effort into making this a quality event. Their website says the following:

It all began with my post from Saturday March 27, 2010 when I set forth a challenge to all bloggers for the month of April.   Can you post every day except Sundays during this month?  And to up the bar, can you blog thematically from A to Z?

A to Z Blog

So the bonus to this challenge is that you can combine this challenge with the one before. What? Yes, that’s totally a thing. I’ve done it, and I’ve published the two books that came from it. Lots of people have.

Here’s the link to their site. You should totally do this thing, too.


I found a few other challenges to share, ones that I haven’t participated in before. But who doesn’t love a little guided creativity in their lives? In no particular order…

A half-year of monthly challenges at your fingertips!

I don’t know if it’s Insta or Gram, but here’s one for that one.

I love photo challenges. I found another.

Want to make up your own challenge? Dip your toes into this idea pool.

My fear of failure keeps me from declaring dedication to 30-days of doing anything right now, but who knows. If it ends up I do manage something daily, maybe I’ll mention it from time to time.

Go. Find your challenge.

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  1. I love you. I love this post. But I’ll always be more excited about the possibility of your success than the off-chance of your failure.

    “There is freedom waiting for you, On the breezes of the sky, And you ask “What if I fall?” Oh but my darling, What if you fly?”


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