2019 Wishlist

The first couple weeks of January have gone by, and we are officially past the halfway point.


I’ve been thinking about the two goals I set for January, but am having a hard time keeping up with them. Nothing particular is getting in my way except myself and my own lack of willpower. I’m currently listening to The Power Of Habit and I’m learning some interesting things that might help me get back on track.

Enough about what’s not working, and get to the point, Nicki.


I was watching to one of the many YouTube creators I’m subscribed to, and one person had a massive list of goals for last year, and I really enjoyed listening to her list the goals and add a Swedish-accented, “Check!” after each one. And really, I do have more than just two huge goals I want to accomplish. Maybe they won’t all happen this year, but also maybe if I don’t verbalize them, they’ll never happen.

And maybe I’m just generally full of crap. But I’m still going to share the list I made – here we go!

Random List of Things I’d Like to Do Someday so Why Not Now?

  • Start a YouTube channel
  • Read a book every week
  • Take a day off every month just for myself
  • Create a daily visual art habit
  • Do/Start a 365 Challenge
  • Finish my portion of the Jackman T book
  • Create a coloring book
  • Write 20 books in a year
  • Quit my day job
  • Get G’pa’s rose tattoed somewhere
  • Build a cat-proof Christmas tree
  • “KonMari” my things
  • Learn enough Yoga so I can practice in my living room
  • Do the A-Z Challenge in April
  • Publish my 2019 A-Z Challenge in May
  • Replace the living room sofa with a comfortable futon
  • Create a daily meditation habit
  • Go to one party at Sunshine’s house
  • Go to Diva’s summer party

I could go into detail on these, but maybe I’ll do that once I accomplish them. And they might not all happen this year, but what if they did? That would be pretty damn amazing.

I think I need to spend some time with this list. Do you have any suggestions for what I should add to it?

Thank you! ❤


  1. I’ve found that if we also include a “way we want to feel” on our bucket list, we can accomplish our goals much faster!
    For instance, if we want to feel happiness, make a plan or a list of things that make us happy that we can do immediately. (walk the dogs, water the plants) Or if we want to feel financially secure, we can work on ways to feel financially secure.
    It is powerful because if we take a step right now, which it is actually usually attainable now, and we can feel the way we want to feel. I got this from concept from Jen Sincero, The Desire Map… If you want to check it out.

    Thank you for the post!


  2. Jamiefriend says:

    Yay Jackman T book!! ❤
    You and J are both great with goals. I never finished writing my attempt at this stuff last year.
    A to Z, woooo!
    Party with Sunshine, wooooo!
    Publish lots of pretty words for kitten to read, yippee!
    I support this post.

    There was a YouTube yoga I did a few years back. If someone invents Ice Yoga (instead of hot yoga), I'd probably try it. Not be good at it, mind you, but try it.


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