*frantic waving* (a form of greeting)

Hi. I’m trying really hard not to look too eager over here, and I’m pretty sure I’m failing.

Do I know you? Do you know me? You might. I’m an ultra-low-level blogger and writer who has a (really bad) habit of creating, maintaining, and deleting blogs. I started with Ubiquitous.nu, moved to DieselNights.net, had OffTheBeatenPlan.com for a bit, then Nickified.com, and then a WordPress.com hosted blog for a little while earlier this year because Finances and Life.

And now I’m back. My name is Nicki, and I love to blog. I love being silly and I love to write and I love to just have a home online to be that’s mine. I am determined to keep this blog going for the next three years, through the end of 2021. I have the hosting all paid up, so there should be no excuses.

What kind of stuff are you going to find here? Why, that’s a really good question. The tagline under the site name kind of covers it. I’ll be sharing writing I do, not only blogging but also fiction. I’ll be sharing things I create, because I love creating – photography, coloring books, handmade things, whatever floats my boat. I design for my day job as the head of a marketing department for a real estate company, and I learn neat things from other blogs that come in super handy in my daily work – I’d like to share some of that as well. I’m a self-published author, so when I have new work up for sale, I’ll probably gush about that for a while.

And most importantly, I need a place to be held accountable for the goals I create for myself. I am one of those New Year’s Resolutions people whose goals last a day or so. Maybe five. I want to be in the habit of setting goals regularly, and not just at the start of a week, a month, or a new year. I want to be in the habit of checking in with my progress or lack thereof and have people around who are willing to help keep me accountable.

So that’s it! That’s a bit about me and a bit about the blog, and maybe I’m just shouting into the void, but maybe I don’t mind that right now.

Thank you! ❤

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