When someone asks you if you have candy on Asgard and you reply, “Yeah, fruits and nuts;” that’s a thing that sticks around.

me, as I eat one of 13 boxes of raisins I currently have on my desk


Who are the people who have the energy to sift through websites and offers for the lowest per kWh price for electricity and then find the best one and then save hundreds of dollars on your car insurance? Wait…I think I’m getting something mixed up.

Me, a person who does not have the energy to shop for electricity suppliers.


Look who’s making videos again…

In case you’re concerned, watch if you’re interested, like if you like it, and subscribe if you want to. No pressure, friends. No pressure.


Sometimes I pronounce “surprise” in French (like the Jacqueline Follet character in “The Devil Wears Prada”) which is like sew-PREEZE, and fun to say. Kind of like “COO-pon” instead of coupon.

Me. I know I’m weird.


I in no way, shape, or form look anything like Sigourney Weaver, but when I go to bed in a tank top and underwear, I can’t stop thinking about that movie. You know the one.